WELL Building Certification

En3 is working with pilot projects under this new rating called “Well Building Rating” which focuses on the health and wellness aspects of buildings.

WELL is a performance based standard, in most cases, specific, measurable thresholds are provided that must be met.

It covers 7 sections including Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind and has several measures that need to be implemented in design and construction in all these areas to qualify for a WELL certification. The WELL certification will also be awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Also the WELL rating requires an independent third-party testing and verification to be done at site and samples of air, water etc. shall be taken and sent to an independent lab for verification.

As part of our services under Well Building rating, En3 shall:

  • Identify several performance metrics, design strategies and procedures that can be implemented by owners, developers, designers and users and operators of building to enhance the health and well being of the occupants.
  • Input to building design and systems design based on WELL requirements
  • Review and providing inputs on all the materials and specifications for civil, interior fit outs and MEP systems from a WELL standpoint and identifying what all improvements can be done in line with ensuring wellness for all occupants.
  • En3’s areas of involvement will include all areas of air, water, food, light, fitness, comfort and mind and En3 shall provide inputs to all consultants on what all needs to be done to ensure these requirements are built into the designs, specifications, tender documents, construction documents and monitor and ensure that it is implemented on site.
  • En3 will also do all coordination with USGBC with regards to the WELL certification from start until final certification is achieved
  • En3 will also perform various on-site testing and measurements as per WELL requirements to ensure that the building complies with the same
  • En3’s scope of work will also include WELL performance verification services to ensure that the completed building meets all the requirements pertaining to health and wellness in line with the WELL rating